Oh wow…

I actually came onto WordPress to make a blog, however I totally forgot that I had made one long ago. As you can see, nothing has ever been posted.

I came on here to make a blog, mainly for myself. If you find your way here, that’s great. This isn’t meant to be private, however, nor very public either. It’s for myself and my own thoughts. I’m trying to use this instead of tumblr, since (both) of my tumblr’s seem to have become some sort of feed of just my interests and whatnot. And I want to go back and see what I’ve written-to see I’ve grown or not, if I’ve learned anything, or just if anything has changed.

So in order to keep track my more meaningful thought-out posts, I decided to try out WordPress. I will still keep and continue my own journal-pen & paper, although this is definitely more convenient. I guess this is for those late night (like tonight) ramblings and thoughts to be sorted out and compartmentalized.

Gah, too many thoughts tonight, don’t know where to even start.

Actually can’t write right now. After leaving this post unattended for a couple hours due to a serious conversation, I cannot focus on writing something at the moment. I will (hopefully) continue writing my thoughts at a later time…

for now, goodnight world :]