More than you’ll ever know

by eternalized

Dear friend,

You’ll probably won’t see this (unless you’re stalking me, haha) but I’ll tell you soon enough, but for now, it’ll be on here 🙂

Honestly, I am so glad to have a sister with me right now. During this time especially. I’m not saying my other friends aren’t there for me, because they are also, and they are just as special. But you’ve been there every step of the way with me. No questions asked. You listen to my ramblings/nonsense/stressful situations and give advice to the best of your ability. You do things for me that are so random and out of the ordinary (such as taking pictures/taking me home at midnight, etc). And I think if you weren’t here, I’d be more lost than I would ever have been. I don’t have many close friends, and even of the few that I have, I don’t share with them like I should be. These days, I rarely see/meet with anyone, and even then, its all superficial, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but its just surface level, and I can play that off for a bit. So I’m glad that you are a consistent person I can be in contact with, or else I might just feel very alone when I’m in this dark place. I might have gone crazy by this point.

I’m glad we can just go eat whatever and go watch whatever and basically do whatever. haha. I’m glad you are willing to hang out with me, even though I know I can be annoying, weird, etc. I’m glad I’m known as “작은딸” in your house due to all those nights working/talking there.

I try to express my gratitude, but I know I’m not good at that, so here is this letter, just expressing my thankfulness for all the love and care that you are showing towards me. It’s more than I can ever ask/want, and I’m so glad you are here, because who knows where I would be right now….