by eternalized

Right now….first time that im reconsidering I wait for my train..

I guess after this time I think if I dont get in, itll be my last try and….part of me has already determined that I wont get in.

Well I guess these thoughts came about bc I was thinking…I want to get married (most likely not for the right reasons and since everyone seems to be getting engaged) …and I was thinking if I could get married sooner..I would be happy with doing something else like product design or such.

I guess also..seeing the people suffer in arch grad school…doesnt make it appealing. I want to do well…not under so much stress and with so much other work. I want to do well…not do half ass work bc I havent slept for a week…but I guess thats everyone..but still. Dunno if thats the way for me…

Been reconsidering and finding out things….like how I enjoy web designing…but I still cant see that as any future/career. Maybe I can make some money…but nothing serious. But also realized I enjoy product designing and designing kn general. Think ill be happy going to product design masters.

Also been considering westmins counseling program…haha

I guess ill stop my train ramblings now