A prayer for a friend and for myself

by eternalized

Dear Lord

I pray for my sister ____. I don’t know what she’s struggling with, I don’t know what she’s going through, but Lord, you know all things and you know exactly what she is going through- all her pain/hurt/emotions…you know it all Lord. And you also know how much she needs you at this time. So Lord, please make your way into her life. Please let her know you are watching her and you are there for her …even if she feels like you are not. Please let her know that she is loved and cared by you, Lord. Let her emotions and hurt be laid upon you so that she will not feel them anymore, but instead feel the unconditional and overflowing love you have for her. She is so tired Lord, from work/school and just everything that is going on…so give her the strength to go through her days, her weeks with ease. I pray for myself as well. That I be a better sister and friend to her. To not just say it and want it, but to actually show it through actions and know that she is loved and know that this love is from you Lord. That I may be the vessel for your love, please use me Lord. If not me, then someone else. Lord, also help me to find desire and peace within you, so I can be someone you can use to help others. At this moment, I do not think I have any rights or even able to help anybody because I’m just so messed up and broken myself, but if there is any use of me, please use me. I pray for just both of us to find you, to want you, to just even think of you in our daily lives. Something so easy it may seem…is so difficult. Thank you for letting me have this time of prayer.

In your son’s name I pray,