by eternalized

I made this realization a few weeks back…

But I realized this blog became just all about me and so unbelievably selfish. Of course, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ranting and blowing off steam, but that’s all it was starting to be. A place to just talk about myself and basically be emo. And I think just doing that made me feel unhappier and more emotional because I was just so focused on those kinds of things. And there was no end in sight. No way of getting out because I was just relying on myself. God was nowhere to be seen.

This blog was originally a place to place my thoughts, but also a place where I could put my QTs, my prayers, and how God was working and changing me (or even the times I feel like He is not). I guess this just shows me just how sinful I am and how easily deterred I am from my original purpose, how easy it is for me to go offtrack and how an original idea that was supposed to glorify God ended up glorifying and pitying myself.

Please forgive me Lord and please let me be able to start again with you in mind.