by eternalized

Goodness, everytime I have these late night postings, I have so many things I want to write about…maybe I should try to write my thoughts more so it won’t be an explosion of thoughts. I would like to write them all down right now, but think its too late, so I’ll bullet some points to write about later:

-Thankful for sisters in my life

-Guilt- class and my heart strings- my own guilt for s, blaming myself, putting it on public showcase

-Thankful for the classes at Westmin

-Thankful to have shared tonight.

-Not very accepting of praise/compliments

-Continually remind myself that to love others that don’t love you back shows you Christ’s love for you. How we’re called to love our enemies. That what we do to God is worse than what we do to our enemies. We murder God daily in our thoughts/actions/words.

-Thankful for my friends to reel me back

-Thankful for my struggles

-Thankful for prayers

-Thankful for God’s strange ways of working in my heart. For showing me how everything is connected. My struggles from the past and my struggles now. And how God is slowly breaking away at me. Even months ago, I was different (not too different), but still different in thoughts and such. How each struggle is a gift itself in some ways. Remind myself to allow God to work in us