D-day is tomorrow

by eternalized

I’m trying not to think about it, but of course, that’s impossible when its looming over me…

But I think this past week, I’ve been leaning towards one school 

I asked a friend, “You think I’ll go there when my heart is in that school?”

He responded, “Academically, it might be there, but everything else is in Philly, maybe not necessarily in Penn”

I agree with that. My heart isn’t with Penn, even at this moment. But Philly? Heck yeah. Although there’s always a part of me that wants to get out, travel, see more of the world, there’s a big part of me that sees the brokenness and the need in Philly. I’m not saying I’m here to fix something or anything, but my heart does go out to Philly- probably cause I lived here all my life and I bleed Philadelphia. 

I want to go overseas to do missions, but for now, there’s always a calling to be missional where ever you are. God called you to that place and He put you there for a reason. Make roots, plan on staying for awhile, and spread the gospel. 

A part of me does feel like Michigan is in real need too, so I’m torn. Where is God calling me? I guess my decision is pretty much made. So I just need to commit and be happy with it, not because I will be able to succeed through my own strengths, but because He is in control, in the driver’s seat, thank goodness, because if it was me, I’d crash. Where ever I choose though, I’m happy knowing that He is going to be sovereign over me, even when the going gets tough.