Haven’t been here in awhile (not that anyone reads this) but even for myself, I should come on here more often, to recollect my thoughts and just write for memory’s sake as well.

Just been busy from the busy-ness of life. I should still write in here more often than not. And not when something has gone “wrong” persay.

Fortunately, I’m writing here today not because something bad has happened, but I just happened to remember this and wanted to write in here.

Alot has happened, most good, some not-so-good, but ah, that is life, no?

Year 2 has begun, I’m thankful, hopeful, scared, nervous, challenged, and excited. I’m glad to be back :] However, I can definitely see that I can’t keep up with these long hours. I’m not sure if its just my body aging or if its just my body can’t handle it anymore. Whatever it may be, let me be wise to rest when needed and to work with diligence and strength.