Favorite architecture buildings

by eternalized

I wanted to make a list of my favorite architecture buildings so far, of course this is a list of the architecture I’ve seen up close. So there are far more in general, but, for obvious reasons, I love the buildings when I actually get to experience the space and see the architect’s intentions:


1. Maison de Verre – Pierre Chareau with Bernard Bijvoet in Paris, France 1931  (Visited June 2014)

Much influence from Le Corb and follows his 5 points of architecture, but honestly, in my opinion, does it better. All the details on the doors (my favorite is his detail for the doctor’s door to the assistant’s office). The detail in the door being pulled out, letting his wife know he is home. The window panes- one of a kind- cannot be remade today. The lights in front of the building so that people cannot look into it at night. Rotating screen. Different stairs for different occupants (doctor stairs had mesh, but for the wife, since she had heels, there were diff stairs for her). And so much more. Design was in collaboration with Pierre Chareau (furniture and interior designer), Bernard Bijvoet (dutch architect) and Louis Dalbet (craftsman metalworker).

2. Kentuck Knob – Frank Lloyd Wright – Dunbar, PA 1956 (Visited Nov 16, 2013)

All about the details

3. Kahn buildings- Margaret Esherick House (inside) and Fischer House (outside) – (Visited Oct 9 2014)

For each, I love certain aspects. Fischer house- love the exterior of the house, while the Escherick, I love the interior. It was in collaboration with Wharton Esherick, a craftsman and artist. One of the beams is a huge repurposed beam to hold up the mezzanine level, which has a certain level of quality/detail within the wood that gives the house more character. I love the T motif that Kahn uses with the windows and also in small details around the house.

4. Barcelona Pavilion – Mies Van der Rohe (Visited May 2014)

No brainer. It was absolutely wonderful to actually see how the space worked after seeing the pictures all too often.

5. All Gaudi buildings and Park Guell (Visited May 2014)

-enough said


Favorite areas from the summer

1. Olympic Park -Seattle,  Marion Weiss and Manfredi

Even in the park, loved the concrete details. Loved that you forced people to walk all the way around to get to the end. Art installations along the way. Next to the river.

2. Pike Place Market -Seattle

Loved the hustle and bustle of the market, and that you could get anything from there basically.


Noticed some consistencies- love detail. its all about them details, ahha. And I seem to like the projects that have some sort of artist collaboration involved, hmmm.

That’s it for now, but this list will build as I visit more places 😀